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The Closets for you

Thought for an area in which to live in a versatile way and to
semplify our daily movements, the wardrobes and walk-in-wardrobes of the Extra system become the prime elements in the night environment.

Choose the perfect closet for you


Our closet collections were designed to be manufactured and installed quicker than a fully custom design.
We are still using top quality materials and products to design and manufacture these closets, but at a more affordable price to you!

The prestige of the wood finish and the essence, the doors in double panel, maximum attention paid to the
design and the excellent quality of materials used.

Design rigour and essentiality are shown by the Basic door in white post formed laminate with wood look (matrix). The finish is available in white colour or lacquered in the complete range of 20 colours. geometric and ergonomic handle in chromium-plated finish.

Manufactured with premium textured wood panels – 100% free of formaldehyde.


Our predesigned closet models are able to be manufactured and installed quicker than a fully custom design.


All hardware included in pricing.


By choosing one of our express closet models you will save on custom design fees while still having tons of options to customize your closet.


Our Express Closet Models include assembly and installation in their pricing.